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Our Community

Aside from the legal advice and support we offer, our community commitments are an integral part of our values at Aspiring Law. Partner Janice Hughes says, “When we opened the practice, Mike and I saw so much potential, not just for Aspiring Law, but also for our community. A key tenet of our firm’s ethos is to find meaningful, innovative ways to chip in and do our bit for Upper Clutha’s growth and vitality. We’re big on social responsibility, and how we can help make a difference.”

Our Community Relations Programme includes a sponsorship budget dedicated to causes and events that clearly align to and support our values and business goals, as well as the needs and interests of our clients. In some cases, we’re also able to provide support by way of services and donating time on a pro bono basis. Simply complete the form on this page and we’ll see if we can help.

Aspiring Law Sponsorship Application Form

In evaluating sponsorship opportunities, our key considerations include:

  • The benefits of your activity to our clients, their families, and the wider community
  • The objectives of your event/activity and how they fit with our business
  • Opportunities for Aspiring Law during your event/activity

Please download the Sponsorship Application Form.pdf and submit your application at least two months before your event to allow time for consideration and the gathering of further information, if necessary.

To ensure all applications are treated fairly and equitably, we ask all applicants to complete and submit the sponsorship form.