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27 Oct 2020

5 Things You Need to Know About Healthy Homes Compliance

​If you are a landlord or a tenant then there are some important dates coming up that you should be aware of. Last year the Government implemented regulations requiring all rental properties to meet a new set of Healthy Homes Standards - if you are planning to continue renting your property from 1st December, 2020 onwards then this legislation applies to you. Read more ›
22 Oct 2020

What happened to the ‘new normal’?

The phrase ‘our new normal’ became something of a cliché during the lockdown periods and alert level restrictions. The fact that we all managed, and mostly, enjoyed working from home suggested the tide had turned on traditional working styles and the home office was here to stay. Read more ›
14 Oct 2020

Six tips for first home buyers

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. And the answer, as always, is complicated. It depends on your current income, your future job security, your savings, your capacity for risk and your ability to compromise. Read more ›
14 Oct 2020

Knowing your consumer rights

​While much has been done in recent years to strengthen consumer laws and educate buyers and suppliers, there remains a fair amount of confusion on both sides of the fence on how to deal with complaints around substandard goods and services.​ Read more ›
12 Oct 2020

Family Law: Think of the children

When a couple decides to separate, some of the biggest decisions to be made include: what happens to the children, who they will live with, and where they will live. Read more ›