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23 Nov 2017

“Deadly” consequences

Mortgages, eh. They’re one of life’s bittersweet realities – there’s the immediate relief in securing one … quickly followed by the more sobering reality of servicing the blessed loan. Read more ›
23 Nov 2017

What age do you have to be to …

As a lawyer, I’m commonly asked what the legal age is for a variety of different activities – so, I thought it would be interesting and helpful to summarise just what’s allowed at various stages of childhood and adolescence. Read more ›
23 Nov 2017

Retiring trustees: proper process

Retiring as a trustee? There’s a process that should avoid any problems down the line. Read more ›
23 Nov 2017

Commercial property: doing your dues

Making the leap from investing in residential housing to commercial property can be very lucrative – and exciting – but if you’re planning to move into this space, be sure you don’t get caught out by the differences in completing your due diligence. Read more ›
23 Nov 2017

A pledge of respect

Aspiring Law Administrator Carol Stevens with the welcome pack for Age Concern’s “Dignity Champions” initiative. Read more ›