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16 May 2019

Be Part of a Growing, Creative Legal Team!

​If you are a Legal Assistant with a minimum one year of experience looking to join a law firm that models what it means to be a valued team member, we are looking for you. Read more ›
16 Apr 2019

Accessing the assets of a trust

When a marriage, civil union or de facto relationship breaks down, the couple will usually divide their property according to the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 (the PRA). However, these two people often hold property in a trust rather than personally. Read more ›
16 Apr 2019

Challenging a Will – Pt 2: Don’t think you’ve been left your fair share?

In the last edition of Off the Record, we began exploring what can be a highly contentious issue: challenging a Will. As I outlined in Challenging a Will: Part 1, there are two main legal grounds someone can pursue overturning a Will. The first, which we explored in Part 1, is that the Will’s legal validity is disputed. Read more ›
16 Apr 2019

Pre-employment 101: a checklist for employers

Your business is growing and heading in the right direction – but at the same time you have new responsibilities and risks. Read more ›
16 Apr 2019

Construction industry and its retentions scheme

The recent collapses of construction companies have taken many in the industry by surprise, particularly subcontractors who were owed retention moneys. Read more ›