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14 Nov 2018

Quake-prone buildings: where are we at?

Invercargill City Council’s decision earlier this year to abruptly close the Southland Museum and Art Gallery shone the spotlight back on earthquake strengthening, and serves as a reminder to all owners and occupiers of commercial buildings of the new laws now at play. Read more ›
14 Nov 2018

What’s in a title?

We Kiwis love our real estate – in my experience, though, there are some who aren’t quite so enamoured with the checks and balances needed when buying a property. Read more ›
14 Nov 2018

Make it all about the children

We like to think of it as the “season of goodwill”. For many families, though, the holiday season can be extremely testing and feel anything but merry following a separation. Read more ›
14 Nov 2018

Missing forms causing grief with new foreign buyer laws

Most laws tend to have initial bedding-in challenges. In the case of the new foreign buyer legislation, it’s the failure by would-be buyers to complete a crucial new form – an oversight so significant, it’s already derailing sales and causing financial grief. Read more ›
14 Nov 2018

Getting divorced: timing is critical

Some separated couples start divorce proceedings the very day they’re legally entitled to. Others wait years before bothering. And, then, there are those who go to their graves still legally hitched to someone they’ve been apart from for decades. Read more ›