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08 May 2020

Confining COVID-19 in the workplace

“No one wants to see us go backwards,” said Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern on 28 April, the day after lockdown restrictions were downgraded from Alert Level 4 to Level 3. That point was reinforced at the news conference on 7 May regarding our potential move down to Level 2 as early as next week. Read more ›
08 May 2020

Shared parenting at Level 3

As the lockdown restrictions are eased, new guidance from the Ministry of Justice highlights changes to parenting arrangements. It covers arrangements set out in court orders (under the Care of Children Act 2004) as well as any private arrangements between parents/caregivers and children. Read more ›
08 May 2020

Wage subsidy warning: How to manage your lump sum payment

With more businesses returning to work as lockdown restrictions are eased, questions around the use of the 12-week wage subsidy are arising. One question we’d like to focus on here is around contractors who received the Wage Subsidy in a lump sum payment but who have since been able to return to work at Alert Level 3. Read more ›
01 May 2020

How remote working can work for your business

What seemed unthinkable a few short weeks ago has become the new normal in so many different parts of our lives. One of the most obvious is the impact social distancing has had on the way we work. Any organisation that has been able to move some or all of its operations online has embraced working remotely. Read more ›
01 May 2020

Rent relief and COVID-19

While the government’s wage subsidy helped companies with staffing costs, it appears that the Government has ruled out subsidising the rents for businesses struggling to pay the rent on their commercial property. Instead, it is considering a law change to place a greater onus on landlords and tenants to negotiate a fair reduction. Read more ›