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01 May 2020

Order in the courts: Open for business during COVID-19

Although COVID-19 has shut the doors on almost all businesses around New Zealand, the courts are still operating. Access to justice is a basic human right, and the provision of legal services has been deemed an essential service for your wellbeing and safety. Read more ›
24 Apr 2020

Relaunch but watch the throttle

Most business people don't like change. They like things to stay the same. However, the new reality means you can't keep doing what you’ve always done and hope that everything is going to be okay. You can't go into this blindly. Read more ›
23 Apr 2020

Push the reset button on your business – and get a funding boost to do it!

If you are working your way through the steps of this COVID-19 process, we hope you are making some progress. And remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. You don’t have to do all five steps this week. Read more ›
22 Apr 2020

Refocus: Process makes perfect

As we suggested in our first article, an analysis of your current business situation must consider your internal and external environment. A business will grow when, on the one hand, it has efficient and cost-effective internal processes, and on the other, great new offerings that clients want to buy and are happy to recommend to others Read more ›
21 Apr 2020

Now what? Time for a reality check

As more information becomes available about how the country and the economy rebuilds as the lockdown restrictions are eased, some of the bigger strategic decisions will become clearer. Regardless of how long it takes for things to return to ‘normal’, businesses need to look inwards before directing their focus outwards. Read more ›