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21 Apr 2020

Further Guidelines on Rent Relief due to Covid-19 Restrictions

There has been much discussion lately about whether, and by how much, rental for commercial premises should be reduced because of the Covid-19 lockdown. Read more ›
20 Apr 2020

Aspiring Law's Action Plan for Business

This week will hopefully see New Zealand take the first small steps on a return to something resembling normality after the four-week lockdown on Alert Level Four. Regardless of how the government handles the transition out of lockdown, it will be a new normal and a new reality — that much is obvious. Read more ›
17 Apr 2020

A Person’s Word Is Their Bond . . . until There’s a Pandemic

With the spread of Covid-19 across multiple continents, a contemporary endemic disease has seen the world experience its most recent pandemic. As at 3.30pm on the 16th of April the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand was 1,401. Read more ›
09 Apr 2020

Staying alive: Insolvency relief for businesses affected by Covid-19

There are a myriad of government measures to help support the business community while the rest of New Zealand concentrates on saving lives by observing the lockdown. The government’s objective is twofold. Firstly, to reduce the risk of businesses going under as well. Secondly, to maintain a healthy workforce so the business community can restart the economy once the restrictions are lifted. Read more ›
08 Apr 2020

Make sure the kids come first: Shared care during COVID-19

On 24 March 2020, the Principal Family Court Judge, Judge Jacquelyn Moran, released a statement of guidance around the many questions posed for children in shared care and how this works with COVID-19. Read more ›