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03 Apr 2020

Time for a hand: Everything you need to know and do to get the Wage and Small Business Subsidy.

​On March 17, the Government announced a wage subsidy to support businesses affected by the Covid-19 crisis, particularly those struggling to meet their obligations to their employees. Here’s what you need to know about the wage subsidy.​​ Read more ›
23 Mar 2020

Practical Measures to Cope with Covid-19 Challenges

The new travel restrictions introduced by the New Zealand government highlight the new reality facing many businesses and communities. The situation is fast-moving and with the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 increasing, the government has introduced new measures to `flatten the curve’. Read more ›
20 Mar 2020

Child Relocation Disputes: Remember when it was just February back-to-school blues?

February has always been a stressful month for parents and children going back to school. But March is proving even more stressful with the threat of self-isolation looming for many parents of school-age children. Read more ›
19 Mar 2020

Trust and Understanding: The new Trusts Act

On 30 January 2021, the new Trusts Act 2019 will come into effect, replacing the Trustee Act 1956. It’s the first major update to Trust laws in more than 70 years Read more ›
19 Mar 2020

Sharing Is Caring: What you need to know about Property Sharing Agreements

A recent news story on the front page of the website featured two Wellington couples who were selling their dream home after owning and living in it together for seven years. One comment suggested the story normalised the fact that “housing is now unaffordable for most Kiwis.” The story also normalised the fact that the current generation are more open to property sharing than in the past. Read more ›