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11 Apr 2018

Preparing for the inevitable

Newsflash – notwithstanding some speedy cryogenics breakthrough, we’re all going to shuffle off this mortal coil one day. Even our most hardy avoidant, denial mechanisms, including skirting around the very real need to not only make a proper Will, but also keep it current, are an antidote to that reality. Read more ›
11 Apr 2017

Must-know recruitment dos and don’ts

Was it really only 25-odd years ago we were fascinated by the fax, push-button phones were the bees’ knees and the big question was whether to buy a Beta or VHS video player? Read more ›
10 Apr 2017

Lessons from a loner

At school, (yes that was a few moons ago), I remember there was one guy who had an incredibly difficult existence. I can’t recall a single thing he did that would even begin to explain the insidious hostility levelled at him day in, day out, yet he was “The Target”. Read more ›
19 Dec 2016

Will you, won’t you?

I think it’s early enough that “resolution” has yet to become a dirty word … so if I could choose for every single adult one vow for the coming year, very high on my list would be getting your affairs in order. Read more ›
01 Dec 2016

​Post-split money woes

The figures may vary from country to country, but international research invariably reveals women – particularly mothers – suffer enduring financial hardship post-separation. Read more ›