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11 Apr 2017

Must-know recruitment dos and don’ts

Was it really only 25-odd years ago we were fascinated by the fax, push-button phones were the bees’ knees and the big question was whether to buy a Beta or VHS video player? Read more ›
10 Apr 2017

Lessons from a loner

At school, (yes that was a few moons ago), I remember there was one guy who had an incredibly difficult existence. I can’t recall a single thing he did that would even begin to explain the insidious hostility levelled at him day in, day out, yet he was “The Target”. Read more ›
19 Dec 2016

Will you, won’t you?

I think it’s early enough that “resolution” has yet to become a dirty word … so if I could choose for every single adult one vow for the coming year, very high on my list would be getting your affairs in order. Read more ›
01 Dec 2016

​Post-split money woes

The figures may vary from country to country, but international research invariably reveals women – particularly mothers – suffer enduring financial hardship post-separation. Read more ›
26 Nov 2016

Big law changes around rentals

Quite often, something will pop up on the legal or general news radar that casts me into “I wonder” mode … promptly sparking a Google-fest of searching and cross-referencing to satiate my curiosity. Read more ›