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16 Sep 2015

Clayton v Clayton

All legal eyes are glued to a landmark case that’s set down to be heard in the Supreme Court early next month – and its significance is such that anyone with a trust would do well to take a keen interest in, too. Read more ›
07 Apr 2015

​​​Affairs of the workplace

Anyone thinking employment law is a bit of a dry, stuffy old affair need only take in some of the headline grabbers of the past few months to realise just how heated – and public – the fallout from workplace relations-gone-sour can become. Three recent cases, interestingly, didn't even occur while employees were carrying out their work duties, as such. Still, these incidents became not only “employment issues”, but hot news for the masses. Read more ›
26 Feb 2015

​Hot property

By all accounts, rental properties have dried up as quickly as the vegetation around Wanaka of late - and the accommodation drought has brought with it both out-of-luck prospective tenants and steep rent increases to boot. Read more ›
15 Jan 2015

​Breaking news for tradies

In the lead up to the silly season, most law firms exist in a state of (hopefully) well-managed urgency – a frenetic dash to the finish line that is Christmas, amid a flurry of late-breaking, pressing legal matters that really can’t wait until January. Read more ›
24 Nov 2014

Health and Safety changes

I read some jaw-dropping stats on a news site recently that snapped me back in my seat. Surely, surely they can’t be that high, I mused. I headed straight to the website of the statistical source, Statistics New Zealand, and, sure enough, the rate of injury-based claims to ACC from our high-risk sectors – forestry, agriculture and fishing – was more than sobering. For every 1000 fulltime equivalent positions in these sectors, 226 had filed an ACC claim last year. Nearly a quarter. Read more ›