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19 Aug 2014

​Rotten egg cracked

A North Island egg farmer’s free range egg scam has been well and truly cracked by authorities in a case that serves as a stiff warning to all traders that flouting consumer laws is a risky business indeed. Around 200,000 customers and 38 retailers were duped in the rort, in which the farmer labelled more than 206,000 dozen cage eggs as free range, and, by Commerce Commission estimates, pocketed an extra $375,000 for his deception. Read more ›
30 May 2014

Moving a Business

For anyone contemplating a business move, I’d love to tell you it’s a cinch: sign a lease, call in the removers, and ta-da – relocation signed, sealed and delivered. If only. Read more ›
10 Apr 2014

Trust Court Decisions

We advisors, who specialise in trusts, had felt for some time the days of assets being cleanly ring-fenced and largely taken out of the equation for rest home subsidy assessments were closing. Read more ›
08 Apr 2014

Wills - Who Will Have Your Last Word?

Where there is a (last) Will (and testament), there is a way. Without this most crucial of documents, unfortunately, not only is there a no absolutely clear way for settling an Estate, things can get downright wayward. Read more ›