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23 Nov 2017

Selecting the right section

On the face of it, buying bare land might seem a far simpler task than purchasing a home. In reality, though, there are often just as many considerations and potential traps for the unwary. Buying a property tends to be an emotional experience for most of us, and even some of the fundamentals can get overlooked in the heat of the moment. Read more ›
19 Dec 2016

Spotlight back on quake strengthening

New earthquake strengthening legislation is well and truly back in the spotlight following last month’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the upper South Island and lower North Island – and all eyes are now on whether the new legislation’s implementation will be fast-tracked in light of the latest tremors. Read more ›
16 Sep 2015

Time key to HomeStart

It’s great to see the increasing number of our clients taking advantage of the new KiwiSaver HomeStart package – with the Government confirming the scheme is off to the same cracking start nationally that we’re seeing in our parts. Read more ›
16 Sep 2015

Looking to employ migrant labour?

As we bid farewell to another ski season, it won’t be long and our neck of the woods will be back heaving with visitors enjoying the holiday season, and fruit-picking will be in full swing. And, once again, many local employers will likely be relying on temporary migrant workers to bolster their ranks to see their businesses successfully through another busy spell. Read more ›
16 Sep 2015

When Wills won’t

We’ve been bringing you a fair bit of info lately on Wills, and how this seemingly simplest of documents can end up bursting open the proverbial can of worms – especially if it’s poorly drafted and the person leaving the will doesn’t understand they have often onerous obligations, even in death. Read more ›