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16 Sep 2015

Major laws finally passed

After much debate, and more than its share of controversy, the Health and Safety Reform Bill has finally been passed by Parliament. April will be a red letter month for this legislation – the time businesses will be expected to comply with the new laws. Read more ›
18 Mar 2014

Case confirms councils will be liable for negligent lim reports

The Court of Appeal in the case of Westland District Council v TC York and Alpine Glacier Motel Limited, has confirmed that a Council will be liable for any damages suffered by a purchaser as a result... Read more ›
14 Aug 2013

Directors Approval Clauses – Do They Work?

The Court of Appeal recently had to decide the meaning of a condition in a sale and purchase agreement which made the purchase of a property “subject to and conditional upon … approval of directors”. This is the first time that a “subject to director’s approval” clause has been considered by a New Zealand court. Read more ›
13 Mar 2013

Buyers need to undertake thorough investigation

A recent High Court case shows that, in some circumstances, buyers of a property cannot rely totally on a code compliance certificate, but may have to undertake further investigations themselves. This will have implications for agents in circumstances where buyers ask them whether the purchase should be conditional on a builders report. Read more ›
12 Jul 2012

Summary of changes to REINZ/ADLS form of agreement for sale and purchase

The new 9th Edition 2012 form of Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate was released yesterday. The main changes are: 1.The words “and/or nominee” have been added after the description of the purchaser, so that this doesn’t have to be added each time. Read more ›