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28 Aug 2017

Uncertainty around visa conditions for migrant workers

Recent surveys show the skilled worker shortage is one the biggest concerns for employers in the Central Otago-Lakes area, with the farming, hospitality and tourism sectors particularly reliant on migrants to meet their staffing needs. Read more ›
24 Jul 2017

Airbnb – not quite as simple as you might think

There’s no doubting it, the Airbnb phenomenon has truly bedded in, and, much like Facebook, is such an intrinsic part of modern-day culture, it’s hard to believe it launched less than a decade ago. Read more ›
24 Jul 2017

Changes to powers of attorney

Few acts in our lifetime require more trust than giving another person the right to legally act on our behalf. And, there can be few more onerous responsibilities than taking on that significant duty. Read more ›
24 Jul 2017

Protecting what you hold dear

If you ask people, as I have, what they understand a family lawyer’s key role to be, chances are the answer will revolve around filing oodles of divorce applications – something I, indeed, do … every now and then. Read more ›
24 Jul 2017

A very finite resource

There’s a clear commercial advantage that land has over many other saleable goods. They’re not making any more of it. Read more ›