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15 Aug 2019

NAIT Review

Significant changes post-M.bovis The NAIT (National Animal Identification and Tracing) system was first introduced in 2012 and came into effect progressively until it was fully implemented on 29 February 2016. Any completely new system is likely to need a review after being in operation for a period of time. Within 18 months of NAIT’s final implementation date, the outbreak of Mycoplasma bovis in this country gave the regime a real test and, not surprisingly, the system was found wanting in some respects. Read more ›
09 Jul 2019

90-day trials: it’s vital to get the procedure and paperwork right

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, the Government recently confirmed 90-day employment trials are here to stay, albeit now only for businesses with fewer than 20 employees – which accounts for the vast majority of ventures in our area. Read more ›
09 Jul 2019

Damage to your rental: who foots the bill?

We all know that if a rental is damaged due to fair wear and tear, that the landlord is responsible for the repair costs as part of general maintenance. Fair wear and tear includes things like worn carpet, appliances breaking and scuff marks on the walls. Read more ›
09 Jul 2019

Healthy Homes Standards: what you need to know

​Becoming law in 2017, the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act establishes regulations to improve the quality of rental housing in New Zealand. Read more ›
09 Jul 2019

Remote working

​Working in one place but living in another? Aspiring Law’s Cindy Laberge is cracking that nut! Working remotely is becoming more and more common. But it wasn’t always that way – especially at law firms. Read more ›