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19 Dec 2016

Picking up the financial pieces

Whether the loss of a serious relationship comes as a complete shock, or the writing has been incandescently on the wall for some time, there’s no colour-by-numbers approach to dealing with the inevitable subsequent practicalities. Read more ›
25 Nov 2016

Protecting kids after a split

A relationship breakdown can be the most testing and heart-wrenching event you’ll face across your entire lifetime – especially if there are children involved. Read more ›
18 Nov 2016

Property - smart trading

Aspiring Law Solicitor Ben King has had an active interest in property transactions for many years from different vantage points, both as a lawyer and as a bank lender. So he's seen property transactions go both good and bad, and everything in between, from a number of perspectives. He's also bought property himself and, regardless of his professional insight and experience, he knows just how nerve-wracking it can be. Read more ›
18 Nov 2016

Seller beware

In a property market this hot, it could be tempting to decide to ride the wave and speed into listing your home to capitalise on the boom. Our Solicitor, Ben King, reminds vendors they, like buyers, can face real risks. Read more ›
24 Oct 2016

Robust asset protection

As they say, prevention tends to be better than the cure, so let’s take a look at one of the most pragmatic preventative legal measures you can take to safeguard your future – robust asset protection. Read more ›