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Federated Farmers wants tougher labelling of plant-based products

13 Sep 2019

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Innovation has seen a number of plant-based meat alternatives grow in popularity. These plant-based products often use terms such as ‘milk, ‘patty’ or ‘steak’ to label their products. European authorities are currently looking at whether such terms should be restricted to use with animal-based products only. There is a similar movement in Australia to prevent almond and soy-based products being labelled as ‘milk’.

Here in New Zealand, Federated Farmers has indicated that it may push the government to follow suit, depending on the success of similar movements overseas.

HELL Pizza found itself in hot water with consumers after failing to disclose to customers that its ‘Burger Pizza’ used plant-based meat alternative, Beyond Meat, in its toppings. Such cases raise questions under the Fair Trading Act 1986, which prohibits ‘misleading or deceptive conduct’ in trade.

The success of overseas movements may have ramifications for local producers of plant-based products wanting to export their goods. It may also influence our government to toughen its stance on the labelling of plant-based products.

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