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Advising International Clients


Our region’s awe-inspiring vistas, lakes, and mountains, make it a draw card for international visitors and investors and those wanting to make our region their permanent home.

We have a sizeable network of offshore clients who turn to us to manage their legal affairs throughout New Zealand. If you’re overseas, and would like to invest locally, we can help you navigate the legal requirements and also deal with any land or business transactions.

If the idea of living and working here appeals, we’re able to advise you on the legal considerations at play, and help you to navigate the process.

We also advise many local businesses that employ workers from overseas to understand and correctly manage their legal obligations.

Our services cater for overseas investors, workers, and visitors; and also New Zealand-based businesses looking to employ non-resident workers.

We can advise you on the following:

  • Investing in New Zealand
  • Doing business in New Zealand
  • Arranging work permits
  • Employing non-resident workers
  • Buying and selling property