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Agribusiness and Rural Law


Aspiring Law has a large and diverse client base of rural families and businesses who’ve made us their team of choice to take care of both their personal and commercial legal needs.

Our approach and services are based on many years of experience teaming with rural ventures from throughout the lower South Island. We offer expertise and advice in land transactions, business and employment matters, succession planning, contractual law, together with our support and services for life planning.

We’re mindful of the realities as well as the unique challenges and opportunities that come with farming and wider agribusiness, and we know flexibility, accessibility, and approachability are particularly important to our clients with rural interests. We travel widely to meet our rural and agribusiness clients on their turf whenever possible and we make special efforts to stay in touch and up-to-date.

Our rural and agribusiness clients appreciate the mix of expertise, insight, and individual personalised attention we bring on board.

Our services encompass:

  • Land sales and purchases
  • Leases
  • Business structures
  • Employment
  • Contract law
  • Succession planning
  • Life planning