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Our Promises

Aspiring Law’s culture and systems are founded on ensuring that nothing is left to chance and that our clients receive only our very best.

How do we do this? For starters, if you’re a new client, we’ll invest the time—at no charge—to understand your immediate and any on-going legal needs. This also provides a welcome forum for prospective clients to ‘suss us out’, and talk through their expectations of us and how we’ll meet them.

Where needed, and before starting work, we’ll also scope out the legal matters at hand and talk you through what will be involved, possible options open to you, and the likely costs and time-frames involved.

Communication is key. As well as being highly accessible to our clients, we have strict protocols around making sure you’re kept up-to-date; if there are any developments, you’ll know about them.

Only lawyers and legal assistants with the appropriate knowledge and experience will work on your file. For cost-effectiveness, our senior staff may delegate aspects of your work to other members of our team, but be assured your file will always be closely monitored and supervised by a Director.

Complaints & Concerns

We’ll never knowingly let you down, but if you ever feel we haven’t met your expectations or you’re concerned things aren’t going quite as they should, please let us know.

We’re bound by our professional Code of Ethics and Aspiring Law’s self-set standards – ‘Our Promises.’

The Aspiring Law team welcomes and values all feedback. If we’ve got it wrong, we want to put it right as soon as possible, and change whatever’s necessary to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Complaints Procedure

We are committed to exploring and resolving any issues fairly and quickly.

In the first instance, you may wish to raise your concerns with the Director who has been overseeing your work. If that’s not appropriate for you, or you’re not satisfied with their response, you can also contact an Aspiring Law Director who hasn’t been involved in your file.

In either case, you can submit your concerns in writing, by phone, or, if you’d prefer, please feel free to contact us to arrange a time that’s convenient for you to come in to our offices, or for someone from our team to visit you. We do have a Complaints Form for you to download and complete if you choose; however, this is not necessary to progress your complaint.

The Process

On becoming aware of your concerns or complaint, we’ll come back to you within one business day, if not sooner.

Even if we cannot resolve the matter at this point, we’ll seek further input from you, let you know how we propose to handle your complaint, and what’s likely to be involved. We may, for example, need to gather further information or clarification from those involved and will put together a likely timeline. Whatever the course, we promise to communicate with you and update you throughout.

If meetings are needed to work through the issues, you’re most welcome to bring a support person and/or advocate. Where useful, and with your permission, we’re also happy to arrange for the involvement of an independent facilitator/mediator.

Further Support

Our overarching aim is to resolve any complaint promptly and justly. We can also bring in an independent mediator to oversee the handling of your complaint, if appropriate. But if, at any point, you’re unhappy with our process or would like further support, the Law Society operates the Lawyers Complaints Service, through which you can lay a complaint and/or seek advice and guidance. This service can be reached on 0800 261 801.

Conflicts of Interest

In the case of facing a possible, or actual conflict of interest, we’ll let you know immediately if we cannot act for you on the matter at hand. We are happy to help you find alternative representation.


We hold professional indemnity insurance that meets or exceeds the minimum standards specified by the Law Society.


While we are a general practice firm covering a raft of services, we work only in the areas in which we have specialist expertise and experience.

We have, however, established a strong network of reputable specialists to whom we can refer you to should the need arise.