Broad changes swept the Residential Tenancies Act in August 2020 affecting both landlords and tenants.

A three-phase approach was put in place and the first phase of it rolled out back in August last year. 

Traditional and emergency housing became exempt from the Act if the housing was funded wholly or partly by a government department or provided under the Special Needs Grants Programme. Providers of transitional and emergency housing can still opt into parts of the Act by agreeing in writing with their client which parts will apply.

Phase two of the law changes came into effect from 11 February this year and landlords are no longer able to end a periodic tenancy without cause by giving 90-days’ notice.

Fixed term tenancies signed on or after 11 February 2021 will become periodic tenancies at the end of the fixed term unless the parties agree otherwise. The tenant will give 28 days’ notice or the landlord will give notice in accordance with the periodic tenancy rules.

Rental properties cannot be advertised without a price listed and landlords are not allowed to invite bidding on the rental property.

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