From 24 July 2021, employees will be entitled to 10 days’ sick leave for each 12-month period of employment – that’s an increase of 5 days per annum.

Here’s a summary of the changes and some general advice.

  1. Sick leave will increase from 5 days to 10 days for each 12-month period of employment, after the required entitlement threshold has been passed (“Anniversary Date”).
  2. Employees will be able to carry over a maximum of 10 days’ sick leave not taken, as opposed to the current 15 days, to any subsequent 12-month period of employment (the maximum that can be carried over remains at 20 days). 
  3. Existing employees (employed on or from 24 July 2021), become entitled to 10 days’ sick leave when their next Anniversary Date falls.  Here’s an example:

Tanner is a current employee.  Tanner’s Anniversary Date is 1 November.  At 1 November 2021, Tanner becomes entitled to 10 days’ sick leave.  Up to 1 November 2021, Tanner’s sick leave entitlement remains at 5 days per annum.    

  1. Employers will need to update employment agreements to reflect these changes.  
  2. If you’re a Payroll Administrator, you need to be aware of these changes and when they will apply. 
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