We have a range of online tools and resources available to help you get sorted. 

Utilise our innovative evaluation tools and get information and guidance on a wide range of fields.

Trusts & Life planning

  • Trustee management self assessment tool

  • NZ Law guide - The Closing Chapter

  • Trustees Guide

  • NZ Law guide - To trust or not to trust

  • Enduring Power of Attorney questionnaire

  • Get started on your Will

Residential property

  • Due diligence checklist

  • Moving checklist

  • Home buying journey

  • Guide to subdivisions

Commercial property

  • Landlord Checklist for Assignment of Commercial Lease

  • Tenant assessment form

  • What to do if a Commercial Tenant defaults – flowchart

  • Notice of Intention to Cancel form

Business & Commercial

  • Getting down to business

    The Aspiring Law business handbook. 


Relationship & Family

  • Parenting After Separation guide

  • Relationship & Family tool

  • Moving With Children guide

Employment & HR

  • Workplace change guide

  • Employment Agreement questionnaire

  • Employment Agreement evaluation tool