Get ready

Check out our practical guide for buying your home On the Move. This gives you the entire overview, and simplifies some of the language that you will come across. 

Another handy resource is our Home Buying Journey which is a simple checksheet of the process.

Get started and build your team

It may feel overwhelming to begin with. Your lawyer can help you build your team, everyone from pre-purchase building inspectors, accountants, valuers, surveyors, engineers, planners and council staff. You may only need some, or you may need all, depending on what you are purchasing and what your future plans are.

Do your homework

You’ve found your dream home, now what? Let’s start the due diligence process, to ensure everything lines up. We’ve created a Due Diligence Checklist to get you started.

Key things to consider

  • Who is buying the property? Are you putting it in a Trust? If purchasing with another party, are you each contributing equally?
  • How are you funding your purchase?
  • What conditions has your bank put on this funding?
  • What special features does the property have?
  • What conditions do you need in your contract?
  • What is your timeline?

How much is it going to cost?

‘No surprises’ is our motto. We want to be upfront on what the property transaction you are embarking on is going to cost you so you can manage your budget. The cost will include the fees you pay for our work but also other related expenses such as council fees and Land information registration fees.


Help yourself to our helpful property tools and resources, made just for you.

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