Navigating parental agreements

Where there are children involved, parenting through a break-up is inevitable and this aspect can be tremendously challenging. However, decisions about the children need to be made, and care arrangements need to be decided.

A parenting plan is a good place to start forming a private arrangement, without the need for court intervention. It can assist with setting out the key components of day-to-day care, contact arrangements, and the finer details - such as agreements on schooling, medical care, and activities.

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It may not always feel like it’s a straightforward process, but we are here to help find helpful resolutions that suit the family dynamic.

Reaching a fair agreement as soon as possible, will help reduce the tension between the two of you and lessen the impact on your children.

We’re here to guide you through the process.


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Not everything goes smoothly all of the time so when a conflict arises - particularly a family conflict you need people on your side who get it and can work with the issues to find the best resolution for your situation.  These are the people who can help you resolve your issues.

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